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Grading Policy


Unless otherwise noted, only excellent specimens are offered. Anything in less than excellent condition is carefully described.

Standard grading is employed as regards to tokens, medals, medalets, metal shells, etc.

  • Proof
  • Uncirculated (UNC)
  • About Uncirculated (AU)
  • Extremely Fine (XF)
  • Very Fine (VF)
  • Fine (F)
  • Very Good (VG)
  • Good (G)
  • Fair
  • Poor

Our grading system is derived from grading standards for United States coins established by the American Numismatics Association. We have opted for this system in favor of one based on less precise vernacular grading terms, which can be open to wide interpretation. That said, all grading is subjective. Our grading methodology is based on years of experience in the trade, but we make no claims of scientific accuracy, and recognize that no two individual graders see the same specimen the same way.

Only specimens we consider in pristine, untouched condition, with no apparent wear or fatigue, are graded AU or UNC. Unless described as AU or UNC, it should be assumed that specimens show at least minimal wear or fatigue. Generally speaking, a specimen graded XF is a superior specimen, in choice, excellent condition, with minimal wear or fatigue. A specimen graded VF is in choice, very fine condition, with minor but noticeable wear or fatigue. A specimen graded F is in fine condition, with general wear or fatigue. Specimens graded VG or G are in good condition, but may have extensive wear or fatigue. Specimens graded Fair or Poor, the lowest grades assigned, are inferior specimens, with significant wear or fatigue.

To the extent possible, given limitations of supply, only choice, above average specimens are offered. Where no grade is assigned the customer may assume the specimen offered is in excellent condition unless otherwise noted. This reflects a physical condition acceptable to most collectors.

When inventoried by USAmericana, all items are given a preliminary inspection for damage, before being approved for sale. Material damage, flaws or defects (distinguished from normal wear and fatigue) are described to the best of our ability.