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Cardboard poster promoting Lyndon Johnson for U.S. Senator (Texas) and supporting President Franklin D. Roosevelt, from the special election of 1941.  11 x 14".  This has light toning in the margins (as do all the examples we are aware of), but is in otherwise excellent condition. There are lots of interesting political tidbits concerning this election.  A vacancy opened after the death of Senator Morris Sheppard (who authored and introduced the 18th Amendment prohibiting the sale of alcohol). Despite running on the coattails of FDR, Johnson would narrowly lose this election due to election fraud committed by the victor, ex-Governor Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel.  LBJ's campaign manager in this election was none other than John Connolly, who would later serve as Texas' Governor from 1963-1969, eventually switch his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican, then launch an unsuccessful campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 1980.
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