About USAmericana

Hello, my name is Tom French, owner of USAmericana.

I started this company because I love the diversity of America and its political history. I am inspired by the ingenuity, the basic decency of her people, her boundless resources, the rejuvenating promise of her future, and, above all, the unfolding saga of her history – often heroic and, at times, tragic. History is more than the annals of past events, a subject confined to textbooks and lecture halls. It is a living, breathing force, made alive by the artifacts for which we are responsible custodians.

My political awakening took place at the age of 16 during the tumultuous year of 1968. a time when young citizens became involved in politics as never before. It was a year that featured a wide spectrum of political thought with candidates as diverse as George Wallace and Eldridge Cleaver. I remember the excitement of frequenting the Democratic, Republican, Peace and Freedom, Socialist Workers, and Black Panther Party headquarters to see what new campaign material might be available. That moment also gave birth to my passion for collecting. It was a natural progression: from the love of history to the discovery of a hobby devoted to the study and preservation of political memorabilia.

As a political collector for more than fifty years, and since becoming a full time dealer over 30 years ago, my interest has only deepened. I have seen the political hobby grow from relative obscurity to a large fellowship of historians and collectors who work, collectively and as individuals, to ensure that the material heritage of our American democratic experiment is preserved for future generations. 

It is a privilege to be in this business, and my gratitude to the family of collectors and fellow dealers who together make my profession possible surpasses words.

For those of you embarking on your own adventures in political Americana, I offer my encouragement and the wish that USAmericana will be a helpful vehicle for your discoveries.

- Tom French