1977 Carter Inauguration invitation addressed to "The Reverand Jim Jones"

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Invitation to the 1977 Inauguration of Jimmy Carter sent to The Reverand Jim Jones at 1851 Geary Blvd. in San Francisco (site of the People's Temple).  In September of 1976, soon to be First Lady Rosalynn Carter arrived in San Francisco for the grand opening of the Democratic headquarters.  Anticipating a small turnout, Carter organizers asked Jim Jones to inflate the crowd greeting Mrs. Carter. Jones (who had a reputation for being able to muster large crowds to assist politicians in need) obliged, and was able to quickly bus in 600 "supporters" to the rally in People Temple buses.  As a result, the Carters and the Inaugural Committee saw it fit to extend this invitation to Jim Jones to attend the Inaugural ceremonies in January of 1977.  "Inauguration" is hand-written by Jim Jones on the cover.  Less than two years later, Jones would orchestrate the mass suicide of some 900 men, women and children.

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