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Pinback button promoting Ted Kennedy for president, 1968.  1 3/4" cello in excellent condition.  After RFK's death, many in the Democratic Party practically begged EMK to accept the vice presidential nomination.  A Newsweek article written just before the Democratic National Convention in Chicago stated: "With just four weeks to go till convention time, the elders of the Democracy suddenly confronted the inevitability of Hubert Humphrey - and turned with something approaching desperation to Teddy to add a dash of Kennedy youth and style and glamour to a painfully unexciting ticket. Humphrey himself - unable to win a private audience with Kennedy - kept dropping hints in public about what a fine fellow his good young friend from Massachusetts is..."  Some polls showed that, with Kennedy on the ticket, Humphrey could turn a squeaker into an 8-point landslide.  This one of only a handful of pinbacks we know of promoting Ted Kennedy for president in 1968. There are also 2 or 3 varieties of Ted Kennedy for VP pins from 1968, but this is far and away among the toughest EMK presidential campaign pins to find.
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